Documents required to open 5 paisa demat account

What is a Demat Account?
A Demat Account is an account that enables the user to hold the shares and securities in electronic form. The word “Demat” is actually short for Dematerialization that means converting physical shares to E-form. The Demat account has benefits as it stores the shares in a dematerialized format. Moreover, the Free Demat account service in India is provided by NSDL and CDSL through Depository Participants, Stockbroker, etc. The charges of a Demat account vary highly and it depends on the volume of securities held in the account, type, and terms that are laid by stockbroker and depository.

5 paisa
5 paisa is a discount stock broker that is Mumbai-based. They offer services like trading, advisory, and investment to retail customers. Moreover, 5 paisa provides financial services that are low-cost. It is a flat fee broker which has many advantages. They charge a fixed brokerage of Rs. 20 on every executed order across the segments. The brokerage does not depend on the size of the trade, the customer pays only Rs. 20 as the brokerage. It is relatively very low as compared to traditional brokers.

The process for opening an account with 5 paisa is paperless and online. 5 paisa depository services or we can also call it 5 paisa Demat account provides impressive services. The facility of a 2-in-1 account that is offered by the 5 paisa includes a Demat and a trading account.

5 Paisa Demat Account Schemes
5 Paisa offers two Demat account schemes for its customers. Those are:

Regular Account (Non-BSDA)
BSDA Account: This type of account has AMC free of charge if the value of holding in the Demat account is up to Rs. 50,000. If the holding between 50,000 to 2,00,000 then 5 paisa charges AMC of Rs.100.
Key Features of 5 paisa Demat account
Offline and Online transfer of Share is very easy.
The facility of converting physical share certificates to dematerialized format is beneficial.
There is a feature of auto-update of Bonus issues, stock split, or right shares directly into your Demat account.
You can hold mutual funds in your Demat account.
There is an option to freeze the account when you require that to avoid misuse.
The well-integrated system with the trading application is an amazing feature of the 5 paisa Demat account.
Documents Required for Opening Demat Account with 5paisa
You need to be well prepared with documents that will be needed to open a Demat account with 5paisa. These Documents are important for the KYC process i.e. Know Your Customer. The Documents that are required are:

Proof of Identity: Copies of any of the following documents will work as Proof of Identity.
Driving License
Pan card
Aadhar card
Voter’s ID
Proof of Address: Copies of any of the following documents will work as Proof of Address.
Electricity Bills
Telephone Bills
Ration card
Voter’s ID
Aadhar card
Property tax receipts
Bank passbook
Process of Opening Demat account with 5 paisa
In order to open a Demat Account with 5paisa you need to follow these steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Find a Depository Participant: The first step includes looking for a depository participant. Look for a suitable depository participant, it can be a broker, bank, or online investment platform. If you choose 5paisa as your depository participant from the next step onwards are the steps you need to follow.

Step 2: Fill in your Personal Details: You need to fill in the details like Date of Birth, Aadhar Number, and Pan Number. Moreover, other details required are taken from the eKYC database so you need to verify it and it should be true.

Step 3: Fill in the details of the Bank: In this step, you need to enter your Account Number and IFSC.

Step 4: Upload your Documents: The documents that are mentioned in this article like the Aadhar card, Photo, and Cancelled cheque needs to be uploaded in this step.

Step 5: Make payment: Pay the account opening charges. Reach the payment gateway where you can make the payment.

Step 6: E-sign your Form: After you fill in all the details, now you need to review the form and sign it digitally. The application process will be completed and no physical signature is required.

Financial Planning with Mutual fund

In simple layman terms, asset allocation is investing in different asset classes to make sure that you get proper returns in the future. But, before you make any major decision, there are numerous things that you need to check out. As an investor, you need to make sure that you properly allocate your hard earned money in these different asset classes to fulfill your investment objective.

When it comes to mutual funds, asset allocation depends on the below-mentioned factors:

Age Bracket
What age bracket you fall in determines what your plans should look like. Young people who have a constant income of money can always afford to invest more in equity funds. They could afford to take the risk and aim to generate better returns. After all, when you are young, you make mistakes & progress and learn from both. At the same time, if you are retired or close to retirement, choose debt funds, as they are less risky and aim to give moderate returns.

Risk Factor
It pertains to how much you are ready to risk. The more you are prepared to risk, the better you go for equity mutual funds. The more risk-averse, the better you tilt your portfolio towards debt instruments.

Investment Horizon
This is for what period you want to invest your money. If it’s around a year or less, go for debt mutual funds. If you have a long-term horizon, then you could go for equity. As in the long run, equity tends to give higher returns. However, the investment horizon of an investor also depends upon the investment objective of the investor. If you want to invest your money for your kid’s marriage that will tentatively happen in the next 15 years then you could focus on equity mutual funds.

As far as asset allocation is concerned, it is done in three major forms, Equity, Debt & Gold.

Equity Mutual Funds invest in Equities of different companies. The portfolio may usually comprise companies from different sectors. There are sector-specific funds too where you can expose your money to a particular sector. Equity Funds are generally considered riskier and have potential to give good long term risk adjusted returns.

Debt Funds or Debt Mutual Funds Significantly invest the money in fixed-income securities like government securities, debentures, corporate bonds and other money-market instruments. These funds are generally considered less risky than Equity.

Debt funds are meant especially for investors with relatively less appetite for risk and intend to earn returns higher than other traditional safe investment avenues. Most Debt funds NAVs tend to fluctuate less than an equity fund. They primarily invest in corporate, municipal or government bonds.

Gold Mutual Fundsare a type of mutual funds that directly or indirectly invest in gold. They are an excellent way to invest in gold without having to purchase it in its physical form. This reduces the hassles of storing, insuring and paying making charges. You can invest in gold with as little as Rs. 500/month.

Always remember, never run your chariot with a single horse. Always have more than one horse when you want to reach your destination. So, in case of any problem with one horse, your chariot will still reach its destination. Hence, even though your speed may get affected, you will still keep moving closer to your destination.

How to Build an Emergency Fund

Many have started comparing this economic situation to that of the 2008 Lehman crisis, which followed with the good time to get into the markets. So if you are boggled with the question of where to invest now or how to build a portfolio during such times, we have mentioned below 4 easy steps that can guide you to build a portfolio or an emergency fund for yourself in times of crisis.

Examine your Cash Flow:
First and foremost, check if you can maintain the income which meets your monthly expenditure or basic needs. During the current pandemic, salary cuts and business losses have affected a majority of the population throughout the world. If you have an ongoing SIP with a mutual fund, check if you can maintain the periodic contribution without denting your monthly expenditure. If it’s affecting, we suggest you contact the mutual fund company and pause your SIP for a while. If you have a surplus left after meeting your emergency fund, you may then consider investing money into volatile asset classes such as equities.

Understand your risk-taking ability:
Before you invest your money, gauge your risk taking abilities. If you are an investor reaching your retirement, you might want to take a conservative stand, which means investing your money in debt funds. Invest in debt funds that invest entirely in government securities and have no private party risks. Though it seems to be a good time to get into equities, however, due to volatile nature of the market and the uncertainty over of how long the pandemic may last, it’s better to defer until an emergency fund is in place.

If you are an investor who is young and has just started his/her career, then your risk-taking capacity is more. In such a case, it’s better to have a higher allocation towards equity. Choose funds that have higher allocation towards Equities and start and investment with as little as Rs. 500 a month.

If you are in the middle of your career or late 40’s of your age, then it’s important that you gradually reduce your exposure towards equity and give your portfolio an exposure towards debt. By investing in balanced funds, you can get exposure towards debt instruments, thus balancing the risk. Also, funds like Multi-Asset Fund can bring in more stability as they do not just give you equity and exposure but also towards gold, thus bringing a good balance in your investment and diversifying the risk.

Bifurcate between Short-term investments & Long-term investments.
Your emergency fund needs to be separate from funds intended for short-term or long-term goals and should form the base of your portfolio. This prevents you from tapping emergency funds when in need of money during times of need.

Don’t ignore commodities.
Generally, people tend to ignore this asset class. Still gold as an asset class is an effective portfolio diversifier and serves as a store of value. In an environment where financial markets are taking on the chin, gold stands tall and has helped protect value.

Typically, gold has an inverse relationship with paper assets like stocks and currencies and shines the brightest during extreme economic conditions, thanks to its safe-haven appeal. That gives it tremendous diversification value. It has historically proven to be a store of wealth in times of geopolitical or financial distress. It is a must-have while planning to build your Emergency Fund.

Always choose mutual funds to create the portfolio you desire as the Mutual Fund industry is managed by professionals. Mutual Funds are transparent and regulated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), which protects the interest of investors and monitors the functioning of the mutual fund industry. Hence, use them wisely to create your emergency fund.

Not Seeing A Decent ROI On Your Business Website? Perhaps A Search Engine Consulting Firm Can Help

Savvy business men and women know that in today’s technological driven world that having a business website is the only way to stay competitive with the competition. However, what many business men and women fail to realize that having that great website is simply not enough to help your business survive much less thrive. If you are not getting much traffic to your website then you might want to consider contacting a Search Engine Consulting Firm to help you get the traffic you need.

What Can A Search Engine Consulting Firm Do For Me?

To understand how a search engine consulting firm can help you and your business website you first need to understand how websites get traffic. Google, Bing and Yahoo rates web pages based on a variety of thing such as relevant keywords and bank links.

The more of these types of thing your website and web pages have the higher you are placed in the their rankings. People who want the types of goods and services your business offers finds those goods and services by using Google, Bing and Yahoo.

However, most people do not have the time or the patience to look before the first 4 pages of Google,Bing and Yahoo’s results. Therefore, the lower you score in their ratings the less likely it is that your website will ever be viewed.

In order to score high in Google your website needs to be SEO optimized. That is where a search engine consultant or search engine consulting firm can help. It is their job to look over your website and using different SEO tools help your website become SEO optimized so that you score higher in Google, Bing and Yahoo’s ratings.

While no search engine consulting firm can promise you that they can help you make the top four pages in Google, Bing and Yahoo’s results a good firm can definitely help you climb in the rankings and the higher your ranking are the better your chances are of getting people to visit your website. This is important because studies show that 55% of all internet sales come from people who used Google to find goods or services. The more traffic you get, the more business you are likely to get.

So if your website simply isn’t getting the traffic you think it should get then you need to have that website search engine optimized. The best way to accomplish that goal is to hire a search engine consulting firm who has professionals who keeps up with the latest SEO trends and can help make those trends work in your favor.

The money you pay to have an expert search engine consultant help optimize your website is usually worth it when you see your business increase because of the traffic that is driven to your website. So why settle for a nice looking website, when you can have one that is nice looking and actually helps your business to grow.

How To Distinguish A Business Coach From A Consultant?

You may have thought that business coaches are no different than business consultants. These maybe true in some cases since there are overlapping responsibilities between these two roles; however, there are many things to consider if you want a clear distinction between the two. Many people are calling themselves as consultants when what they are doing is actually coaching. Same goes for some who call themselves as business coaches but is actually practicing as a business consultant.

We all know that external help from professionals can boost the performance of a business or make it worst depending on how each case is handled. Your aim for your business is to cut the risks involved and to attain maximum efficiency in your business processes. There will come a time when you will have to decide whether to hire a professional help or confront a certain problem all by yourself. If you decided to seek help, you will have to consider between a business coach and a business consultant. Choosing which will depend on your needs and you must know the difference between the two.

Business consultants are more of a specialist. They specialize in certain areas and they direct these changes in its most precise order. Coaches, on the other hand, are more of a generalist. They tend to look at the situation as a whole and will suggest changes to be done to improve the whole process. Consultants are likely to have advance degrees than coaches in most cases including a wide array of certifications. They also, most of the time, can engage directly to a certain business process while a coach can only explain what to do and guide you by observing how you apply his suggestions. He will then give some feedbacks and additional suggestions. Most of the time, consultants are hired to make quick fix in a certain area of a business process while coaches are retained longer. Coaches also concern themselves with the development of the business owner himself and discuss life and business goals and how to integrate both. Business consultants also do extensive travels more than coaches and are expected to charge more money for their skills and services.

The next time you plan to seek a professional help, assess first the problem and ask yourself what specific part of your business process needs a fix and the needed skills to solve it. It is better to choose consultants for short term business relationship and for quick fixes while business coaches are good for long term business relationship.

Make Your Business’s Fire Safety Easier With a Professional Fire Consultant

The importance of your business is very high but the damage a fire could do to you and your business is dramatic; this is why you must be fully focused on preventing fire and ensuring there is fire safety in your premises at all times. Your workforce and premises should be number one priority in keeping safe as these are the foundations that makes your business tick. Professional consultants can ensure you and give you peace of mind that your staff and premises are safe from dangers. Consultants are highly trained in workplace safety and as well as protecting your business from fire can also guarantee you are meeting legal regulations.

The recommended option is to hire a professional consultant to train your staff in fire safety with fire warden training courses; this way your staff can monitor your premises workplace safety and perform regular fire risk assessments for your business. If you have a small premises it would be beneficial to train the one individual as this is all that is necessary, you will then have someone in your workforce who is aware of fire hazards and can protect your other employees from fire; they can implement fire precautions and perform regular risk assessments which will also save you money by not having to hire a consultant regularly. They would also be trained in emergency evacuation so they can react properly in the event of an emergency. Consultants know building layouts and understand how fires start and spread throughout a building, they would pass this knowledge onto one of your employees or several of your staff.

Consultants will benefit your business because they have in-depth knowledge in fire safety; they understand different flammable materials, chemicals, substances and how they may affect your building.

They will have seen many workplaces with different layouts and floor plans to assess your premises and make a unique plan for your business.

They offer fire warden training and other health and safety courses to train your staff in fire safety so they can maintain your fire management plan.

Protection against fires is important; a consultant can prevent the destruction and spread of a fire.

They will perform the job correctly and can give you peace of mind that you are meeting all laws and regulations to do with fire safety.

Fire consultants are experts in fire risk assessment which is the building blocks of fire safety and its procedures.

The Benefits to Setting Up an Online Marketing Consulting Session

Any online business must be constantly bringing new marketing ideas to the table in order to keep up with their competition. A static website will not only be ignored by the search engines, but potentially clientele as well. It is vitally important that a website give an exciting first impression. It is equally important that a website be updated from time to time to keep your audience coming back. By keeping a website the same for many months or even years, you are doing a disservice to yourself and hurting business. Website visitors are becoming inundated with more advanced and impressive media, which raises their expectations when surfing the web. In addition to keeping an impressive website, any business that wants to succeed online must have a solid strategy for both on page and off page efforts. Without some marketing and promotions, a website cannot attract the traffic needed to produce a solid profit. There are a variety of channels to promote your business, but you don’t necessarily need to utilize every single one. It is important to identify the proper marketing mix for all efforts in order to get the best return. You may pursue one or a combination of these marketing channels:

• PPC ads
• SEO strategies
• Social Media
• Video Marketing
• E-mail Marketing
• Blogging
• Article Marketing
• Press Releases

The appropriate mix of these efforts can be determined by hiring an experienced marketing consultant. Hiring a consultant for a one-on-one consulting session can help a business get on the right track and avoid costly marketing mistakes. If you want to pursue a marketing effort on your own such as PPC ads, it would be wise to get an experts advice. This is especially true if you have not had any experience running a campaign. Without proper keyword research and targeted ads, it is very easy for one to waste thousands of dollars without any conversions. Another smart reason to set up a consulting session with a marketing expert is to learn tips on how to save money and lower your cost per customer. If you have the time and can’t afford a full-time marketing person, a consultant can provide invaluable information for you to run your own marketing campaigns. The consultant can also help you to become more knowledgeable in online marketing so that you can avoid getting ripped off by an advertiser or large marketing firm in the future.

Author Annie Rusk is a prominent Marketing Consultant in Orange County, CA. Her firm, Spinning Head Solutions, offers a variety of services such as: branding, web & graphic design, copywriting, seo/sem, social media & video marketing, and private consulting sessions.

When The Self-Service Approach Fails, Marketing Consulting Is The Answer

Part of being an online entrepreneur involves doing many things oneself, rather than hiring Web designers and marketing consulting firms. Online business owners think this will save money and allow them to maintain the level of control they need. These folks may want to think again because though they would like to believe they are experts at everything, they are not. If the initial efforts are not effective, the company starts off on the wrong foot and it can be difficult to recover.

Those who still stick to their guns and want to do things themselves can use online training to design a professional Web site and develop an online marketing plan. Prepackaged programs guide online business owners through every step of the process, providing solutions to the most common obstacles to establishing a strong online presence. Included are aspects like managing the website, conducting search engine optimization, and maximizing opportunities presented by social media.

Though packaged training may be inexpensive, it will not be useful over the long run unless new topics are added to the offerings on a regular basis. The Internet is changing rapidly and an online business must change with it in order to be successful. Having access to the most up-to-date tools, resources, and techniques allows the business to remain competitive. Being able to pose questions to experts is another value-added feature that the best online training programs include.

Any online business owner with little time to spare may prefer another option. Professional marketing services may cost a bit more, but they eliminate the possibility of expensive errors occurring. Let’s face it, just because someone owns an online business does not mean that person is a professional programmer. Some people simply do not have the skills to build their own website and have no patience for using a do-it-yourself site builder.

A professional consultant helps the entrepreneur build a Web site to achieve success. This individual knows all about search engine optimization, a foreign term to many business owners. All the entrepreneur wants is for the site to get up and running and begin generating online traffic in the blink of an eye. Whatever magic the consultant works is really between that person and the Web genie, as far as the business owner is concerned.

There really is a lot more to the process, but a good consultant can pull everything off by asking a few important questions. The answers form the foundation for the marketing strategy and implementing that strategy is something the professional makes look very easy. After the site is set up, online advertising is established and the consultant taps into the most popular social media sites for some additional free publicity.

A good marketing consulting service is a Web designer, graphic designer, programmer, researcher, social media, and public relations expert wrapped into one. This allows clients to leverage their marketing dollars and contact one professional for all of their future online marketing needs. As the business grows, the consultant offers services that meet its more complex needs.

Small Business Consultants and Success the Fast Way

Let’s say you’re an small business consultant specializing in one specific facet of online business. For instance, if you solely focus on AdWords, you may be missing out on more lucrative contracts due to your narrow focus. What if most of the potential clients you meet need a “full package” type service, including graphics, back-end programming, structure, training and sales copy? Unless you find potential clients only interested in your particular specialty, you could be in for a tough time. Learning all the other aspects well enough to be an expert, while laudable, takes time which could be better served marketing to businesses. So what’s the solution?

As discussed above you could try to be a “jack of all trades,” and provide multiple services. But you run the risk of doing everything mediocre as opposed to excellent. And it may take you too long to become an expert in even one of the various fields that comprises a full-services Internet consultancy. You could try to outsource some of the work inexpensively but again you deal with the possibility of missed deadlines, little to no communication and an angry client.

So, if you can’t or don’t want to do it all yourself, and the idea of outsourcing is too risky to you, what to do? Network! Go to local business meetings, get business cards of people in your field at your local business center. In short, look for people that are experts in what you are not. Once you have done this, consider forming a partnership with them.

Why you would want to do this should be obvious, but here are some benefits:

  • As a group you can take on much more varied, complex and higher paying contracts.
  • You can each work your specialty, keeping in mind the overall goal of a particular project. This will allow you to get the project done quickly, rather than taking time to research and learn about things that may not be your specialty.
  • You can take on more clients at a time as a group than individually.
  • You can offer more services collectively than as a one person shop.
  • You get individual projects from each other as well.

Of course there are things to watch out for as well. Firstly, make sure that you are in agreement as to how long the partnership lasts. Is it only for a job or two, or are you thinking of creating a totally new company around your solution?

Next, make sure that when you speak with a client, you are all “on the same page.” There is nothing worse that not showing a united front as this undermines your overall credibility. After all, would you hire a firm whose partners were disagreeing all the time?

Communicate. Project meetings need to be a regular occurrence so ensure that things are on track and on schedule. This way, you can also iron out any issues you may have with parts of the project before they become crises.

Finally, make sure that the profits are equally divided. The key to remember is that if you can find a way to work with other small business consultants together, you can reap the rewards of higher paying, high profile projects and the satisfaction of know you don’t have to do it all yourself.

The Challenge For SEO Consultants in Greece

Becoming SEO Consultants in Greece is not an easy job. The number of websites in the country is truly astounding! As is their variety. With such a varied clientele, SEO Consultants need to understand the individual needs and then fit their requirement accordingly. Not easy at all!

No one can predict what keyword a customer will search for. In this document, let us talk about one of Greece’s most famous monuments – the Acropolis. Now, the Acropolis alone is such a big draw that thousands of people visit Greece only with the Acropolis in their mind. For a SEO Consultant is such a big playing ground that they need to cover thousands of possible search query phrases. But then, just considering that Acropolis has thousands of search phrases, think about how many different terms they would need to come up with!

As per the internet search data, Google alone delivers thousands of results on phrases related to the Acropolis each and every day. In the holiday season, the rush goes up and tens of thousands of results are delivered. Now, if we try and see how many different key phrases we can come up with, we will not cross 10. Let’s analyze why. Consider different reasons why people would search for the Acropolis.

  • One reason, obviously, would be to search for the Acropolis as a historical monument. Phrases like Acropolis History, Acropolis war and Acropolis lions would be apt in this scenario. The search results would be more focused on the history of the place, the purpose of its construction and what used to take place in the auditorium. The SEO Consultants need to make sure that their content will respond to each of these queries
  • The Second reason could be photos of the Acropolis. One of the most photographed monuments in the entire world, it is a very popular desktop wallpaper too. While searching for pictures, visitors will also be interested in a little content and the responsibility of the SEO Consultants in Greece is to make sure that they deliver it right to the right visitors.
  • The third could be movie buffs who are searching for movies shot in the location of the Acropolis. Cinema tourism is big business and each time a block buster movie comes out, a lot of people like to visit the locales and see for themselves. Like the Lord of the Rings came out and people started flocking to New Zealand to see the place the movie was shot. The SEO consultants need to make it prominent in this case that so and so particular movies have been shot in and around the Acropolis, so that searches about this monument in Greece will lead to their website.
  • Another way of thinking could be the influence of the Acropolis and its entertainment of the older days on Greek culture and heritage. Obviously that is a valid point, as that was the first place of entertainment for the earlier Greeks. Since then, people and culture have been evolving, but the influence will be there in some sphere.
  • Or probably someone visiting Greece wants to stay in a hotel near the Acropolis and he would then search for ‘hotels near Acropolis’. The SEO Consultants need to make sure that if they have a hotel in the vicinity mentioned in their website, this feature is prominently mentioned, as it is a big USP for the hotel as well as for the website.